The concept of homes is ever evolving, it is not been regarded as just a brick- and-mortar business. As builders we believe that our business is rather creating lifestyles.

Bokhad as a brand looks very keenly into defining new life styles. We believe that a home is more than the four walls but it has its own influence on your body, mind and soul.

All our construction activities are planned keeping the customer at the centre. Utmost attention and care are taken right from the development of concept through design and execution. Every square inch we construct will articulate much about our capabilities in meticulous planning, watchful execution and happy delivery of each home.

Landscaping and Interiors.

Bokhad Construction is a No. 1 company in the field of landscaping and interiors. We have years of expertise in the area of landscapig and interior solutions, where we maintain our own uniqueness, quality and passion, which help us to gain our own niche in this area of landscaping and interiors.


Concept Design and Detailed Design Development, Interior Planning Plans, three dimensional Design Simulation and Virtual Reality Modelling, CAD simulated Walkthroughs, Building Model Construction, Design feasibility Studies and Reviews, Liaison and Consultation with Government bodies, Heritage Impact Claims, Claims of Environment Effects, Environment Impact Claims, Preparation of Development Programs, Design Documentation for Competitive Tendering, Preparation of Technical Specifications

Contract Administration

Tender Discussions, Contract Administration and Project Management Software, Qc Assessments, Manufacture of As-built Sketches , Publish Construction Project Evaluation